Get Into the Best Shape of Your Life, and Stay That Way For Good.

Over the last 15+ years I've helped more than 2,300 men & women lose a combined 65,000 pounds.  Now it's your turn.

A few times each year, I accept a small number of new coaching clients. Join the free presale list now — you’ll get the chance to enroll 24 hours early and save up to 54% off the general price.


What Is the 90-Day Kickstart?

The 90-Day Kickstart is a nutrition and habit based body transformation program designed to help everyday people lose weight in a way that they'll be able to keep it off for good.

Family & lifestyle friendly.
Easy to follow.
Exactly what you need.
Nothing you don't.

After more than 15 years in the weight loss and fitness industry, I've had the opportunity to help more than 2,300 men and women completely transform their bodies (and their lives) through my brick & mortar fitness studies and my online programs, using a simple 3-step system that excludes typical fads like crash dieting, cutting out carbs, popping diet pills, detoxes, cleanses, or insane workouts.

A few times each year, I open enrollment to the public and work closely with a select group of motivated men & women to create incredible and lasting change.

  DURATION:                         90 Days

  TIME COMMITMENT:       2-3 Hours/Week

  DIFFICULTY:                      Beginner +

  DATES:                                 TBA



   Personalized calorie ceiling while eating the foods you enjoy

   Quick & easy food tracking with the Liberty Logging™️ system

   Personalized Daily Step Goal

   2 Simple Daily Habits


   Adjusted calorie ceiling to reflect progress & energy needs

   Personalized daily protein & fiber targets

   Increased Daily Step Goal

   2 Additional Daily Habits


   Adjusted calorie ceiling to reflect progress & energy needs

   Goal-based daily carbohydrate & fat targets

   Increased Step Goal

   2 More Daily Habits

Gone Are the Days of Crash Diets, Food Restrictions, and Unsustainable Fads

What if you could enjoy all of your favorite foods, while also losing weight and achieving your body goals?  99% of diets require you to flip your life upside down and follow strict rules, cut out entire food groups, or only eat at certain times of the day.

We all know these things are completely unsustainable, aren't family-friendly, and are no fun!

How It Would Feel To Finally Lose the Weight and Keep It Off For Good?

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Here's How It Works...

1) Sign Up

Tap any of the buttons on this page to secure your spot in the 90-Day Kickstart.  In less than 5 minutes you'll be on a proven path to achieving all your body goals!

2) Access Your Program

Immediately after signing up, you'll land on a page where you can access all your nutrition materials, workouts & bonuses. You'll also receive a link to these in your Welcome Email!

3) Watch Onboarding Video

On the 90-Day Kickstart homepage, you'll find the Onboarding Video that will outline where to find everything, and the exact steps to take for a successful start!

4) Download Our App

Within 24 hours of signing up, you'll receive an email inviting you to download our private app.  Easy access to your entire program and your coach are just a tap away!

5) Start Your Program

Simply follow your nutrition plan, complete your daily habits, stay connected with your coach, and complete your weekly check-ins and you'll be on the road to results!

6) Get Amazing Results

Week after week you'll see the small body changes begin to pile up as you become leaner, stronger, and more fit.  You'll have more energy, you'll sleep better, and your confidence will soar!

Dear Friend, 

First of all ...thank you for watching this video. 

I know it's long ...and I hope it helps you on your weight loss journey.

Chances are, you ...

1)... Are sick and tired of crash diets, massive food restrictions, hours upon hours of cardio that leave you exhausted, and having to log every morsel of food you put in your mouth.

2)... Have been trying to lose weight on and off for a while, but you just haven't found a solution that works for your lifestyle... a solution that you actually want to do for the long term.

3)... Have lost weight in the past, but because the solution you used to lose the weight wasn't sustainable... you ended up putting it back on.

4)... Don't trust weight loss programs because of your past experience with program that failed you.

5)... Mistakenly blamed yourself for putting the weight back on, when in fact it was the fault of the program... it just wasn't a solution that was sustainable, and it didn't fit with your lifestyle.

But there's something you should know (if you don't already)... 

... it's not your fault.  Seriously, it's not.

And the good news is, I built the Sustainable Transformation Academy™️ to FIX THE FAULTS of the weight loss solutions that have failed so many people.

Which is why you should enroll ASAP.

(by the way, the deadline at the top of this page is real)

So how does the Sustainable Transformation Academy™️ work, and why should you trust me?

Great questions!... and here are your answers:

  What Is The Sustainable Transformation Academy™️?

Put simply, the Sustainable Transformation Academy™️ is a 90-day body transformation program that I put together based on my own weight loss journey, as well as the 1,000's of successful weight loss success stories I've helped write.

Over the course of the last 13+ years, I've discovered what works (and what doesn't work) when it comes to losing weight... and keeping it off.

While losing weight isn't "easy" per day, it's the thing that people have the least trouble with.

Keeping the weight off... now that's the hard thing.

Which is why 87% of people who lose weight, put it back on.

And that's one of the main reasons I built the Sustainable Transformation Academy™️...

... to help people lose the weight in a SUSTAINABLE way so they can finally conquer the hardest part of the journey - keeping the weight off for good!

  How Is It Different From Everything Else?

Good question.  I think the biggest difference between the Sustainable Transformation Academy™️ and "everything else" is that my program has (literally) no B.S.

There's no "bro-science" hormone hacks, no affiliate supplements to take, no massive food restrictions... everything is based on what I've been able to prove works incredibly well over the past 13 years with the 1,400+ transformations I've helped create.

It's just honest coaching from an honest dude, who likes helping people live their best life.

Which... I know is not the norm here in 2021, but it's true.

  How Does It Work?

I've broken the weight loss process down into 3 phases:

PHASE 1)... through my Progressive Nutrition Protocol™️ we focus on creating a consistent, personalized calorie deficit that INCLUDES the foods you enjoy eating most so that you can begin losing weight.

PHASE 2)... we focus on boosting your metabolism through strategic food choices and my Metabolic Movement Method™️ so that you can eat more food while burning more calories.

PHASE 3)... we make small changes (as needed) and focus on solidifying the 5-6 habits you need to master in order to keep the weight off, using my Habit Reshaping Routine™️.

  What Can I Expect For Results?

Let's be honest...

If I were to make outrageous promises and ridiculous claims of the results you can expect, I'd be insulting your intelligence.

There are people who put in an amazing effort, and experience incredible results...

... but there are also people who join and expect (yet another) quick fix.

And we all know that quick fixes are exactly what leads to the weight coming back.

So instead of making promises of what you can expect, I'd rather show you real life proof from people who I've worked with, as well as a few interviews...

(P.S. Keep scrolling down past the pictures & videos for more answers to your questions)

  Who Is It For?

Anyone who wants to lose weight in a sustainable way AND keep it off for good.

If you're sick and tired of programs that just don't work for the long term, fail to deliver on their promises, lack real accountability and support from a professional coach...

If you're struggling to lose weight because you don't know what or how much to eat, you're unsure of the best way to exercise, or you feel like your metabolism is broken...

... then the Sustainable Transformation Academy™️ is right for you.


If you're just searching for a way to drop 10, 20, 30 or more pounds by crash dieting, giving up all your favorite foods, spending hours upon hours working out, popping dangerous diet pills, or joining some Herbalife/Advocare/Isagenix affiliate army...

... then my program is definitely not for you.

I don't believe in quick fixes, and I certainly don't believe in putting my clients' lives at risk.

  When Does It Start?


As soon as you register, you'll immediately select a date & time for your Breakthrough Onboarding Zoom Call where we'll get you set up to start on the Monday following the day you sign up.

You'll get an email inviting you to download my app and set up your profile.

You'll get all of the materials delivered inside of my app.

You'll get the full schedule of weekly Group Coaching Calls where you'll get the ongoing support, guidance, and accountability you need to consistently make progress on your goals.

  When Is the DEADLINE to Join?


When the timer at the top of this page hits zero, it will automatically redirect to a page that reads, "This Offer Has Expired" and you'll miss out on this one-time discount.

The Sustainable Transformation Academy only opens 2X per year, so this is your only opportunity to join until the next open enrollment.

The investment during open enrollment is $499/month for the first 3 months, then $69/month recurring if you decide to stay on after the first 3 months.

Which brings me to the one-time discount I'm offering you today:

  What's the Investment to Join?

$450 OFF.

$349/month for the first 3 months, then if you decide you'd like to stay on... it's just $69/month recurring (no commitment) until you decide you're "good to go"

That's it.

This is a ridiculous offer and we both know it.

Plus, when you add in the fact that you're getting LIVE WEEKLY SMALL GROUP COACHING from me personally ...the value is through the roof.

I'm literally going to walk you through the process of losing weight AND keeping it off... in a sustainable and lifestyle-friendly way, so you never have to worry about starting over again.

There's another "guru" offering a program that does the same thing, and he's selling it right now for $1,500/month.

And it could very well be worth the $4,500 price tag.

But I can assure you that the level of support, attention, and accountability you receive with the Sustainable Transformation Academy far outweighs what you'll get anywhere else.

So what would you rather do?

Pay $4,500 for less help, or $249/month for 3 months for more help?

I think the choice is obvious.

But to make this an even easier decision, I'm also extending a rock solid guarantee...

  Is There a Guarantee?


I don't know you (yet) and I don't know what things you struggle with most (yet).

I don't know your work ethic.

So I won't make ridiculous claims or promises of losing 40 or 50 pounds in 90 days.

I think if I were to do that, it would insult your intelligence.

But I can - and WILL - promise that, if you complete the daily & weekly tasks that I assign to you, keep an open line of communication with me, complete your weekly check-ins, and give it the old "college try" ... you'll graduate from the Sustainable Transformation Academy a happy person.

So if you go through the entire 90 days, do all of the above, and you're still not happy with your results... I'll refund your money.

Fair enough?

So enroll now, and let's get you started on your LAST weight loss journey!

Here's Everything You'll Get When You Join the 90-Day Kickstart...

   Your Own Dedicated 1:1 Coach

You'll be matched up with a dedicated coach who will guide you from Day #1 all the way to Day #90.  Your coach will be your personal point of contact who can answer your questions, provide feedback, and make sure that you're on the right path to achieving your body goals.

   UNLIMITED 1:1 Messaging With Your Coach

Inside of the private, custom app you'll have unlimited access to message your coach with any questions you have, or any time you're in need of help.  We ask that you allow 24 hours for a reply, especially if you message your coach on a weekend.

   Weekly Check-Ins With Your Coach

At the end of every week, your coach will send you a reminder to complete your weekly check-in.  Your weekly check-in is where you'll reflect upon your effort for the week, the things you need to improve upon, and let your coach know the things you need help with most.

   Progressive Nutrition Protocol 90-Day Plan

The Progressive Nutrition Protocol was strategically designed to shed fat fast without having to starve yourself or cut out entire foods groups.  The family-friendly meals, on-the-go options, and done-for-you meals make it an easy-to-follow framework that's 100% sustainable so that you never have to worry about "falling" off with your nutrition ever again.

   Absolute Habit Accountability Routine

Habits are the gateway to sustainability when it comes to your weight loss results.  The Absolute Habit Accountability Routine gives you a simple system for mastering your daily habits.  Over the course of 90 days, you'll implement (6) key habits that will allow you to keep the results you achieve, for good!

   Private Customized App For Apple & Android

Within 24 hours of signing up, you'll receive an email to download my private custom app where you'll be able to access & track your workouts, your nutrition, and your habits... and stay in contact with your coach.  Your entire program will be just one tap away on your smartphone!

   Private Interactive Support Group

Staying connected with others on the same journey will allow you to be more consistent every day so that you can make progress week after week to becoming the leanest, strongest, most athletic version of yourself!

Plus You'll Get These BONUSES When You Enroll:

   BONUS #1: 90-Day Functional Strength Training Plan

While your personalized nutrition plan helps you shed fat week after week, the Meta-Functional Transformation Training workouts will be the tool that helps you sculpts a strong and athletic body.  Your 90-day workout plan includes new weekly workouts that have been scientifically designed to build new muscle and improve strength so that you build a physique your peers will envy.

   BONUS #2: 15-Minute Meals Guide

Too busy to prep & cook or just don't have the desire to make your own meals?  I've simplified the process of eating healthy for you with 40 different meals that have 5 ingredients or less... so that you can avoid the two biggest barrier to fat loss nutrition - lack of time and lack of motivation.

   BONUS #3: High Protein Recipe Guide

It's no secret that a diet high in protein is a key element of shedding fat and building new lean muscle.  With 52 delicious recipes that are family-friendly AND easy to make, you'll never struggle with finding meals that will help you reach your goals, while also tasting great!

   BONUS #4: 6-Minute Smoothie Guide

When you're on the go, you need quick and easy meal options that don't require you to cook or meal prep.  The 6-Minute Smoothie Guide is packed with 30 different smoothies so you always have high protein meal options when you're short on time!

   BONUS #5: Supplementation Guide

Balance your hormone levels, plug holes in your nutrition, and achieve deeper sleep so that you can supercharge your results.  I'll give you a detailed list of high-quality supplements that will allow you to accelerate your weight loss results.  You'll have endless energy, curb your cravings, and experience a deep level of sleep that allows your body to recover, repair, and grow new muscle.

   BONUS #6: Metabolic HIIT Workouts Guide

Want to work on your cardiovascular health AND build strength?  In addition to new weekly Meta-Functional Transformation Training workouts, you'll also receive 12 of my best HIIT workouts that you can plug into your routine.

   OPTIONAL: 6-Pack Smoothie Guide ($29 VALUE)

Too busy to prep & cook or just don't have the desire to make your own meals?  I've simplified the process of eating healthy for you with a list of quick, easy, and affordable meal options so that you can avoid the two biggest barrier to fat loss nutrition - lack of time and lack of motivation.




   Dedicated 1:1 Coach

   UNLIMITED 1:1 Messaging With Your Coach

   Weekly Check-In With Your Coach

   Progressive Nutrition Protocol 90-Day Plan

   Absolute Habit Accountability Routine

   Private Customized App For Apple & Android

   Private Interactive Support Group

   BONUS #1: 90-Day Functional Strength Training Plan

   BONUS #2: 15-Minute Meals Guide

   BONUS #3: High Protein Recipe Guide

   BONUS #4: 6-Minute Smoothie Guide

   BONUS #5: Supplementation Guide

   BONUS #6: Metabolic HIIT Workouts Guide

    PLUS: 100% Money Back "I Love My Results" Guarantee

It's Worked For Countless Others...

This Unique Body Transformation Method Is Helping 
35+ Fathers, Husbands, and Businessmen Experience Results They've Never Achieved Before...

Kristin Reshaped Her Figure Dropping More Than 27 Pounds!

Guy Lost 25 Pounds & Got His Abs Back!

Linda Lost Over 20 Pounds, Toned Her Arms & Lost Belly Fat!

Brooke Toned Her Mid-Section and Lost 19 Pounds!

Kayla Lost 21 Pounds and Toned Her Belly!

Molly Lost 29 Pounds and Complete Reshaped Her Body!

Bill Lost 24 Pounds at the Ripe Age of 54!

James Ditched the Dad Body For a Lean & Strong Physique!

Chuck Has Lost Almost 100 Pounds and Kept It Off For Good!


Frequently Asked Questions...

   When does the 90-Day Kickstart begin?

All new "kickstarters" begin on the Monday following the day they signed up.  If you sign up on a Wednesday, you'll begin the following Monday.  So if you're considering signing up, the best advice is to do it ASAP so that you have more time to get familiar with the private app, check out all the nutrition materials, and be ready to hit the ground running when you start date arrives!

   How will I get access to my program?

Within minutes of signing up, you'll receive a Welcome Email that will give you access to your nutrition materials.  Within 24 hours (usually much less) you will receive an email with a link to download our private app where you'll be able to instantly access your nutrition program, your workout program, and everything that comes with your 90-Day Kickstart.  If - for some reason - you don't receive the email, first check your spam/junk folders.  If you cannot find the "Welcome & Getting Started" emails there, contact us at and we'll get you squared away ASAP!

   Is this a diet like keto, paleo, or intermittent fasting?

First and foremost, this is NOT a diet.  Diets don't work, and diets are NOT meant to produce sustainable results.  The Progressive Nutrition Protocol is designed to take you from following a structured meal plan where YOU get to choose from a list of foods/recipes that YOU enjoy eating, to then hitting personalized daily macronutrient targets/ranges while still choosing to eat the foods/recipes YOU enjoy.  The Progressive Nutrition Protocol has been carefully designed to produce results in a sustainable way so that you never have to worry about "falling off" the wagon... but more importantly, so that you never have to go on a "diet" ever again.

   Do I have to buy nutrition supplements?

The Supplementation Guide is designed to help plug holes in your nutrition that exist after following a diet rich in high-quality foods.  As we age, losing weight and building lean muscle becomes exceedingly more difficult.  The supplements recommended as part of the Supplementation Guide are formulated to reverse these challenges and give you a "leg up" in building a lean, strong, and fit body.  The supplements are especially recommended for those who are hitting their calorie & macronutrient goals, but struggle to get adequate vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients (those who eat out a lot, don't eat a lot of veggies).  At the end of the day, they are 100% optional... and should supplement your nutrition, not replace it.

   Do I have to do the workouts to get results?

I have added one of the best 90-day functional strength training plans you'll find anywhere as a BONUS to this program.  For those who enjoy working out, want to become stronger, and want to reshape their body... the workouts are STRONGLY recommended.  Workouts are not meant for burning calories and losing weight.  No exercise should be used (especially as the main tool) for weight loss.  So the short answer is, NO, you don't have to do them.  You should do them only if you want to, and if you have goals in addition to weight loss... which I hope you do ;-)

   What do I need for the workouts?  Can I do them at home?

For the workouts you will need access to dumbbells, kettlebell(s), bands, barbells (optional), and medicine balls (optional).  All workouts can be performed at a gym, or in the comfort of your own home.  As you'll see in the videos, I perform ALL of the exercises (and my own workouts) from the comfort of my home gym in my basement.

   Are the workouts similar to CrossFit or boot camp workouts?

The workouts are NOT CrossFit, boot camp, or HIIT workouts.  The unique way in which the workouts are designed places a focus on building lean muscle through scientifically-proven hypertrophy and strength building methods that focus on undulating periodization, time under tension, volume, frequency, and compound movements.  All exercises and rest periods are timed to achieve optimal time under tension and recovery.  All workouts can be performed in as little as 35 - 45 minutes.

   Is there support and guidance if I have questions?

As a 90-Day "Kickstarter" you'll receive consistent and UNLIMITED messaging with your coach via my private app.  If needed, you'll also have the ability to get your questions answered during weekly Q & A sessions inside of the private community.  If you feel like you need 1:1 support, guidance, and coaching, there is the option to sign up for 1:1 coaching as well (if spots are still available).

   I have more questions, how can I get them answered?

Completely understand that you may have more questions, no problem!  Just send an email to with all of your questions, and I'll respond within 24 hours.





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