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I Help Busy Professionals Lose Weight, Gain Strength, and Reduce Stress Without Spending Countless Hours at the Gym ... Here's How I Can Help:
Personalized Exercise Plans
Fitness does not have to be difficult, and it doesn't have to take countless hours each week. I make it fun and effective ... but most important, I set you up with a program that works for YOU!  Not a fan of cardio? ... no problem!  Don't like high-intensity workouts? ... no problem!  Love to get your sweat on with cross training? ... I got you covered!  Each program is created around YOUR goals, YOUR body, and what YOU want.
Personalized Nutrition Plans
The only way you're going to stick to a nutrition program is if you actually enjoy what you're eating.  Instead of making you eat foods you don't like, I set you up with a habit based program that allows YOU to choose the foods you want to eat.  My programs guide you through simple weekly habits that will help you to achieve incredible results and maintain those results for the long haul ... all while eating the foods you love!
One-on-One Accountability
Accountability is the glue that ties your goals to your results.  Without true accountability in the form of a REAL human (not an app) checking in on you, the chances of sticking to your program and achieving the results you desire aren't likely.  We all encounter road blocks in our journey, and staying consistent when "life happens" is where most people struggle.  I'll be by your side to make sure you succeed, even when things get challenging!
What Can You Expect From This 42 Day Challenge?
Hitting your fitness goals is more than just getting in a good workout. This program is designed to give you the complete “Professional Trainer” treatment of training, nutrition, and accountability coaching so you can finally make progress toward your dream body.  

Here’s what’s INCLUDED in your 42-Day Transformation ...
  • Detailed Training Plan. No more wondering what to do. Or searching the internet to find the newest exercise program. Doing the right movements for the right amount of time can make all the difference.  A professional coach will give you a detailed 6-week training program to make sure you get the most out of your sessions.
  • ​Detailed Nutrition Plan. It’s said that 70%+ of your results will come from the kitchen. Typically when people think of a “meal plan” they think boring, horrible food that nobody wants to eat. Not here. What do you say to Bang Bang Shrimp or Blueberry Pie Smoothies?  Our program is specific to your goals no matter where you’re starting or where you want to go. And dare we say ... yummy!?!?
  • ​1:1 Nutrition & Accountability Coaching.  Ever have those friends or family that say things like, “you’ve gone to the gym twice this week. You don’t need to go today.”  Well-meaning friends can sometimes KILL your results.  Your coach and your peer group will keep you on pace to hit your goals in a fun and safe environment.  Sometimes we’ll let ourselves down, but we rarely let other people down!
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